Learn How to Break Through to a Life Well-Lived
Transitioning to a Life Well-Lived

Do any of the following circumstances pertain to your life’s Current Reality?

1. You're doing relatively well by most personal and professional standards, but underneath you feel anxious and upset more often then you care to admit.

2. You're discouraged about not being all you want to be with your most important personal and/or professional relationships.

3. You’re struggling with a significant life-changing loss, be it a personal relationship, a serious health challenge, an employment separation, a relocation and/or any other life-altering experience.

4. You just don’t feel good about yourself and/or life in general, and you're concerned about the uncertain and unpredictable future that awaits you.

If so, know that you’re not alone. 

In fact, I’ve experienced all the above, as well as a few more troubling life situations during my long life, so I know what you're feeling. And by the way, my feelings usually intensified as I sought assistance with how to navigate these various personal struggles, because I continuously came up empty. 

And then it happened. I stumbled onto a simple, but powerful, quote that changed the direction of my life. 

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene

What this quote helped me to understand is that I was trying to eliminate my struggles – instead of living with these stressful situations as they came up and then working through them. 

 In other words, referring to the quote above, I was trying to eliminate unpredictable, uncertain and rapidly changing weather, instead of learning how to live with the weather that inevitably shows up – just like life shows up. 

The other learning that occurred for me from this quote was that if I needed to learn how to dance with life, I was looking in the wrong places as well as for the wrong answers. 

That’s right. I was looking to other people for solutions to my problems. I was reading books on positive thinking, attending motivational seminars and personal development workshops, asking other people for advice, and more.   And, as I discovered, it was all for naught. 

Instead, I turned inwardly and discovered the necessary beliefs, guidelines and instructions that I needed for the changes I was looking for. 

They were all there waiting for me to wake up and apply them to the various areas of my life that consisted of the anxiety, fear, depression and worry that held me captive to a life I wanted to leave behind. 

 And that's how I came to create the SURVE LIVING Program. As a result of my many unpredictable and difficult life experiences,  I created this unique inwardly focused learning process. 

It will:

     *Directly impact your ability to navigate your life’s difficult experiences more confidently and successfully. 
     *Help you feel less stress, fear, worry or concern. 

 In other words, it contains the essential ingredients necessary for you to hear the music and learn how to dance with your life. 

So, if you're traveling the same roads that I was on and looking for ways to eliminate your life’s struggles and all that goes with them, yet coming up empty, learning to dance with your life could be just what you need to experience. 

 And the SURVE LIVING Program will help you learn that dance. It outlines the EXACT step-by-step process you'll need to follow.
Jim Blackburn: SURVE LIVING Program Creator
Who This Is For
This program isn't for everyone. It takes work. It requires an investment of time. It takes perseverance and an open mind. 

You will know this program is for you if you're:
  • Capable of introspection and self-examination.
  • ​Willing to uncover ​deep-seated beliefs and thoughts about yourself, other people and your world in general that are contributing to your struggles.
  • ​​Willing to leave your old, safe and familiar self behind and venture into a new way of life.
  • ​Ready to take responsibility for your current situation and commit to changing it to the life you deserve to live.
​If you're willing to do all of this, you WILL break through to a life well-lived.


A Life Adjustment and Reset Experience for the Person Needing to Begin Anew...

The SURVE LIVING program is a life adjustment and reset experience founded on the principle that “people don’t grow and/or change by simply learning what other people already know.”

It takes you beyond the typical self-help programs that are full of advice about positive thinking, attitude adjustment and the many other self-help ideas that are so readily available in today's ever-changing world.

This program will help you understand that trying to "do better" or "be better" actually contributes to your struggles and limits your personal growth opportunities.

It will become the catalyst so you can begin to experience the fulfillment and enjoyment of a stress-free, purposeful life. It will help you to reorient your daily life from busy, stressful and task-oriented experiences to a less-busy intentional life – and experience the many opportunities of a life well-lived.

Finally, the program will become the remedy for your internal struggles that cause the anxiety, bouts of depression and other unpleasant feelings that you tend to hide from others.

This program also differs from other online programs by featuring both an intellectual and emotional experience.

If you're ready for and need a Life Adjustment and Reset Experience, SURVE LIVING is the Program that will help you make that happen.
Ready to Break Through to a Life Well-Lived?
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What You'll Get:

Original Video Presentations
      True Life Stories
Original Graphic Illustrations
Supplemental Video Presentations
Supplemental Reading Materials
Access to SURVE LIVING Creator
And More!
In the Video Lessons, You'll Learn...

How to have more positive feelings about yourself, your personal and professional accomplishments, and the direction of your life in general.
How to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with the remarkable and important people in your personal and professional life.
How to have renewed energy about your future personal and professional opportunities, as well as the many possibilities for a life well-lived.
How to accomplish the desired personal and professional results, with less effort and struggle, while having deeper feelings of fulfillment and enjoyment.
How to transform your life obstacles and/or problems into possibilities and opportunities, that for so many people, go unnoticed.
Get a Sneak Peek
Here's an inside look at some of the SURVE LIVING Program lessons.
What SURVE Clients are Saying
“I have worked with Jim over the past two years and it is rare to find a coach / adviser who recognizes and deeply understands how healthy relationships, or lack thereof, impact organizational environments and system dynamics. Jim’s focus on healthy relationships and personal growth helps to reconnect you to what you really care about and then build those considerations into your organization’s mission, vision, and strategy. Jim is especially skilled at employing the clarifying questions tool to gain deeper insight into basic and complex assumptions under which you may be working and encourages them to be challenged.”
Jonathan Holifield
Co-Founder, UpScale Partners & Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities
“Jim Blackburn has had a major impact on my life, in and out of the office. He has a gift that is difficult to put into words, the ability to put one at ease no matter the circumstance, the ability to put things into perspective, and, most importantly, the ability to communicate in a manner that is nothing short of brilliant. 

Jim has been a godsend to me, helping me with my relationships at home and at work and helping me to accept my shortcomings. He has also enabled me to reduce the stress associated with my roles as a husband, a father, and sales professional.
Chuck Banker
Retired Private Bank Wealth Planning Specialist, Merrill Lynch, Founder and Publisher of “Throomers"
“Jim helped me see the difference between multitasking things and multitasking people. Being fully present with another person creates immeasurable value in the relationship.” 
Susan Nastasi
Retired Regional Sales Director at MetLife, Currently Founder and Proprietor of Soul Haven Ranch
Ready to Break Through to a Life Well-Lived?
Get instant access for just $50.
Who Is The Creator of the Program?
I'm Jim Blackburn and I created SURVE LIVING. I began my professional life as a school teacher/athletic coach, then transitioned into the financial services industry for a 25-year career.

In 1995, at the age 52, I turned the page on my professional life, left the financial services industry and founded SURVE Partners, a life-learning organization focused primarily on the art and science of personal and professional development. Additionally, in 2011, I wrote an Amazon best-selling book seeds of Intent, that is uniquely formatted to assist its readers to live life more fully.

My motive for this dramatic professional transition was based on my
increasing awareness of my own personal struggles with finding meaning, fulfillment and happiness as a highly paid professional with an international insurance company.

The unique learning processes I've created in the SURVE LIVING program are designed to directly contribute to a significant increase in your ability to live and work more productively, while at the same time, feel more confident and optimistic in your personal and work life.
Frequently Asked Questions
How long is the program?
Currently, the program is 5 learning modules featuring 19  videos. You'll want to invest, at minimum, 5 weeks to complete the program.
Will the program ever become outdated?
I designed the program to stand the test of time. All of the skills you'll learn throughout the curriculum are applicable to any life situation regardless of when or where it occurs..
If the program isn't for me, can I get a full refund?
Yes, I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
How much time do I need to invest in the program?
The SURVE LIVING Program is broken into 5 learning modules and bonuses to ensure that the discovery and learning processes are not overwhelming and are given the appropriate time to become part of your way of life. So, your time commitment begins with approximately 30 to 60 minutes being invested into each weekly learning module. Additionally, you'll be asked to devote more time between learning modules so as to experience the new concepts. This amount of time is determined by you. 
Ready to Break Through to a Life Well-Lived?
Get instant access for just $50.